Thomas Mountainborn
Coca Cola Unity AR player.

Coca Cola Augmented Reality player

A Coca Cola marketing campaign in Belgium required an augmented reality experience that will be moved to a different mall every week for a year. The setup consists of a large 4k television on which passers by can see themselves through the camera mounted atop the screen. A pillar with a glowing red button stands in front of the television. Once pressed, a pre-rendered animation is played over the camera feed, giving the illusion to the viewers that they are part of this animated world of friendly robots supplying you with the perfectly served coke. At certain points during the show, users are prompted to interact by holding or pushing the button repeatedly – to pour the coke from the bottle for instance, or to shake lemons from a tree. This project was created as part of my work at CREATE.

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Photos by Gilles Boom.

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