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Mannequin projection mapping using Unity.

Custom projection mapping software: Mannequin projection

Last year I wrote a custom projection mapping package in Unity for my internship at CREATE, supporting multiple projectors, warping, edge blending, and 4k video playback. It was used in a show with 4 projectors shining onto eight mannequins and a backdrop – one projector per four mannequins, and two edge blended projectors covering the back wall.

Since then I have started as a developer at Create, and I have almost completely rewritten the package to make it more user friendly and allowing faster and more accurate mapping, akin to how big media servers like d3 do it. The work flow is fully 3D, allowing users to easily position the projectors and the projection targets to match reality. I made 3D scans of the mannequins using the Kinect v2 so they can be used inside the projection mapping software. The new features include quick calibration using few key points, per projector masking, lens distortion correction, and off axis projection displacemen The package is currently being used in a road show using 2 mannequins, a backdrop, and a single projector. Below are some pictures from last year’s show and the new projection mapping package.

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A look inside my new projection mapping package.
A look inside the new projection mapping package.
The projected output.
The projected output. (Photo by gilles boom)


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