Thomas Mountainborn

Salt, oil and linen: mummy preparation in VR

Ancient Egypt is a topic that continues to fascinate – and when you’re thinking Egypt, you’re thinking mummies. For the Mariemont museum in Belgium, my colleages at CREATE and I created a VR experience that takes the wraps off of the mummification process. It allows you to go hands on and perform each step, guided by the voice and statue of Anubis.

Because the target audience are museum goers and therefore unlikely to be avid VR gamers, we had to make the interaction as simple as possible: instead of performing the complete actions, the user only has to hand over the required items, and the rest is done for them. When an object needs to be picked up, it’s highlighted by a white circle. The user just needs to point his or her hand at it, and press the grab button from a distance to take it. Then, they only need to move their hand to the indicated area on the table.

I did the code, technical art, lighting and animations for this project.


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